Learn the languages of the Australasia-Pacific region while at ALT!

When you come down under for ALT, be sure to pick up some basic knowledge about the languages of the region. ALT 2017 is offering teach-ins on Papuan, Austronesian and Australian languages on the Monday right before the meeting. Sign up for these classes right away!

(Also, don’t forget that the regular, cheaper, registration is only open until this Sunday, October 1st.)

Here are some helpful maps of the region to wet your appetite !

1) languages of New Guinea grouped into language families (Glottolog)

new guinea

2) Division of Oceania into Near/Remote Oceania or Polynesia/Micronesia/Melanesia (ANU Cartography/CartoGIS)

3) Horton’s famous map of Australian languages from 1994

4) Spread of Austronesian language family (ANU Cartography/CartoGIS)

austronesian fmaily
5) Polynesian languages and their family relations as displayed onto a map (Levison, Ward & Webb 1973)