ALT has an active mailing list, LINGTYP, where issues pertinent to linguistic typology and the activities of the association are discussed. You can also read the archives of the list.

You need to subscribe to the list in order to post and receive messages. However, you do not have to be a member of the ALT to subscribe to the list.

To streamline your subscription, please consider using your institutional email address when you subscribe to the list.

If you prefer to use a non-institutional email address, after you submit your subscription request please send a message to the list moderators (lingtyp-owner at where you let us know your affiliation, or in case you do not have any, a brief note on why you would like to join the list. This is needed to help us block possible spammers.

Note that you will only be able to post from, and receive messages to, the email address that you have subscribed to the list. All messages from non-subscribed addresses are blocked.

Please also note that the list does not allow sending messages to undisclosed recipients.