Linguistic Typology provides a forum for all work of relevance to the study of linguistic typology and cross-linguistic variation. It welcomes work taking a typological perspective on all domains of the structure of spoken and signed languages, including historical change, language processing, and sociolinguistics. Diverse descriptive and theoretical frameworks are welcomed so long as they have a clear bearing on the study of cross-linguistic variation. We welcome cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of linguistic diversity, as well as work dealing with just one or a few languages, as long as it is typologically informed and typologically and theoretically relevant. Linguistic Typology is published by De Gruyter Mouton for the Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT).

Submitting papers

All members enjoy the exclusive possibility to publish papers in the journal Linguistic Typology. In case of joint papers, at least one author must be a member. (Please note that anyone, regardless of membership status, can submit to the journal, but membership would be required before an article can be accepted.)

Please go to the publisher’s web page for the journal at Linguistic Typology, and then click on “Submit” for more information. A document called “Information for authors” is also available on the journal’s homepage within the “Overview” section under the heading “Supplementary materials”.

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