Grammar Watch wants to make it easy to findread, and cite open access grammatical descriptions of languages around the world. This is a service from the Association for Linguistic Typology. Check out the full listfilter by area or metalanguage, or search for available grammars.

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For many years, Grammar Watch existed as a lovingly hand-curated list of grammars. We’ve turned that trusty HTML page into a living bibliography of open access books. Our goals remain the same:

  1. Find. We aim to help people find grammatical descriptions that are openly available on the web.
  2. Read. We point readers to the original websites publishing the grammar, and we provide links to PDF downloads (we do not host them).
  3. Cite. We provide high quality bibliographical metadata to encourage proper credit and attribution.

Open access

Increasingly, scholarly work is shared in open access. We want to foster this development by making open access work easier to find and easier to cite. Some of the grammars we list are published in open access book series like Language Science Press’ Studies in Diversity Linguistics. Many originate as PhD theses, sometimes published in series like the LOT School publications or Pacific Linguistics, sometimes formally unpublished but available in university repositories. We only share links to PDFs that are openly available elsewhere.