At ALT’s meetings priority is given to the unhurried presentation and discussion of typological research worth reporting on, and, in addition, host institutions are expected to provide instruction in a language, language family, or linguistic area of their choice.

Current Conference

  • ALT 15 is hosted by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, December 4-6, 2024. Abstract submissions are open through Monday, April 15, 2024. More information about the conference is posted on its website as it becomes available.

Future Conferences

  • We anticipate that a call for proposals to host ALT XVI (in 2026) will come out soon and welcome inquiries at any time from representatives of interested host institutions. Please note that following the normal cycle of the location of ALT meetings, we will be specifically seeking out potential hosts in Europe. If you would like to consider hosting an ALT conference in 2026, you may already get a general idea of the requirements by consulting the previous call for ALT 15.

Past Meetings and Conferences

After a pre-inaugural get-together in Konstanz (Germany) in November 1994, ALT’s inaugural meeting was held in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country, Spain) in September 1995, attended by some 100 typologists. The second general meeting took place in Eugene, Oregon (USA), 11-14 September 1997, and the third in Amsterdam, August 1999. Regional workshops have been devoted to methodology (Konstanz, June 1995), the Kartvel family (Jena, Germany, December 1995), modality (Antwerp, November 1996), Malay/Indonesian linguistics (Penang, Malaysia, January 1997) and reflexives/reciprocals (Konstanz, May 2000). From then on, ALT’s conferences and workshops are held every two years.

More details on past meetings can be obtained from the ALT News archive.

Biennial Conferences in chronological order